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The First Step

It’s not rewarding. It’s not coaching. It’s not training. It’s not orienting.


It’s hiring.
How good are you at it?


You probably have a few people you’d love to clone because they do a great job, are self-motivated, are a team player. AND, you probably have more than one with attitude, attendance, quality of work issues. Even if you have only one in that second category, it’s too many. You cannot reach all your goals unless the entire team is on board and capable of doing the job that needs to be done. So, how do you accomplish that? You spend the right time on hiring (no warm bodies!) and you see recruiting as a 24/7 activity. Make your operation a “magnetic” place to work, so when you have an opening you have people in line who want to work for you. And…before you hire someone who is unemployed, be sure you’re comfortable with why they are.


There are plenty of articles debating what is more important: skill or attitude?


Both! Short-change either one and you will live to regret it.


Top 5 things you must say yes to before you hire the next person:
1. She has a great attitude.
2. She has the skills to do the job (and I know this for reasons beyond that she told me so).
3. She is self-motivated. (A major thing managers spend time on is motivating others — hire people that are pretty good at motivating themselves, too!)
4. She really wants to be part of this team.
5. My gut says she’s the right one.

Recognizing a Good Whole Grain

italian bread

While the Internet is filled with propaganda about how grains are killing us, I am still a firm believer in the importance of whole grains as part of a healthy diet.  While the bulk of our diet should be from vegetables & fruits (think leafy greens, plant based proteins, whole fruits, etc.) there is still room to incorporate a variety of whole grains.   My current favorite whole grain happens to be quinoa, which is a quick and easy protein source (my Pinterest board is filled with quinoa recipes).  However, my preferred whole grain is bread so I am constantly experimenting with different whole grain varieties.  My latest accomplishment is whole-wheat pretzel rolls.  I have a great love for pretzels rolls, although most I have encountered are of the refined flour variety.  I modified a recipe by exchanging the unbleached flour for whole wheat with beautiful results. Serve these warm with butter of perhaps an egg sandwich (egg, spinach, pick your fancy), so many possibilities.

Recognize a good whole grain

Soft pretzel rolls (I used 100 % whole wheat flour with beautiful results)


New Day

Yes, there’s no “year’s” in between those two words!


“…you can go about resolving until the cows come home, and you still have to live your life just like everyone else on this planet – ONE DAY AT A TIME… What you can do is set up day-to-day goals for yourself… for example, instead of deciding you are going to give up sugar for a year, resolve to go one day without eating sugar. Anyone can do virtually anything if it is for only one day. When you go for one whole day without eating sugar (or any other new behavior), you are a totally different person at the end of that day. Learn to let that totally different person decide on the second day whether to do it again on this new day… let the new you make the decision and then you”ll be living in your present moments.”  Dr. Wayne Dyer


So, whether you are waging an effort to give up a habit, or are trying to establish a routine you think will make your life better… or even if you are undecided about whether you want to improve anything at all… commit and take advantage of a structured time to process your day, everyday. Reflect, let go, and start again.

New Year’s Resolutions: Old vs New & Improved

Weigh A Decision

The New Year is upon us.  Time for resolutionsdiet plans and anything else you want to start fresh in this new season.  As for me, I mentioned countless times I am not a huge fan of resolutions, mostly because I think it often embraces the all or nothing mentality that gets us into trouble in the first place. So while I am not making any new resolutions, I continue to work on many lifestyle habits that are always a work in progress.  One article I find very helpful is a 2014 blog from College Girl to College Girl that re-frames the way we think about our “resolutions.”  Embrace lifestyle changes as opposed to radical diets.


Old: “I’m going to lose 10 lbs this year.”

Why focus on weight and appearance for your New Years Resolution? You should instead focus on feeding your body with healthy foods and listening to what it wants and needs. After all, the number on the scale is… well, just a number.

New and Improved: “I’m going to make more meals at home.”

After the holidays, we fall into a bit of a nutrition slump. We’re used to eating bigger meals, eating out with our family and friends, and sampling the wide variety of Christmas cookies! But, most of us grow tired of this and are ready to get back on our normal eating schedule. After New Years, make a resolution to make more meals at home and only eat out, let’s say a maximum of twice of week. Also, eating at home is often healthier, more nutrient dense, and lower in empty calories and more conducive to weight management.


Old: “No more desserts for me!”

Cutting out your favorite foods will only lead to wanting them more, so give yourself permission to eat your favorite foods in moderation.

New and improved: “I am going to eat at least 3 different kinds of fruits/vegetables a day.”

Instead of focusing on what you are going to cut out of your diet, focus on what you can add into your diet! Fruits and vegetables are a great place to start. Check out this recipe for banana whip.


New and improved: “I will sign up and train for a 10 mile race.” or “I will try 2 new group fitness classes a month, and work out at least 3 times a week.”

Being more physically active is a great New Years Resolution. But, if you do not consistently exercise, making a resolution to “work out more” or “exercise every day” may not be specific enough. If you like to run, try signing up for a race with a few friends. Set up a training schedule together. If you don’t like to run, find other ways.


Old: “I’m going to get the bikini body I’ve always wanted.”

What is a “bikini body” anyway?

New and Improved: “I’m going to focus on what I love about my body.”

Try committing to saying 3 positive affirmations out loud everyday. Or make a list of 10 things you love about yourself that you love about yourself that includes non-body related personality traits. Add to this list often and read it often!


Old: “I’m going on a diet.”

New and Improved: “I’m going to fuel my body with the food it needs.”

This year try to REBEL against conventional fad diets that do not provide long lasting results and can be dangerous to your health.


Old: “I am going to start eating healthier”

This is a great resolution, but it’s too vague and general. Try coming up with specific and small health goals that you can accomplish and focus in on.  

New and Improved:  “I am going to get 7-8 hours of sleep per night” or “I am going to eat 2-3 servings of vegetables per day” or “I will start eating breakfast” These resolutions will help you eat and be healthier and are specific and achievable.


Adapted from College Girl to College Girl: Revamp your New Years’ Resolution

Adult Pimento Cheese & Bacon Flatbread


Serves 2-4

1 lg clove garlic, crushed

¼ c diced pimentos

2 c Sharp white cheddar, coarsely grated

1 c Sharp yellow cheddar, coarsely grated

⅓ c Greek yogurt

sea salt, black pepper, and cayenne pepper

2 ”Flatout” 6 x 11 flatbreads

4 slices Applewood smoked bacon, crispy pieces

1 c Baby spinach (optional)


Adult Pimento Cheese:

1. Combine garlic, pimentos (with liquid) & cheeses

2. Stir in yogurt, salt & peppers, to taste


Flatbread Assembly:

1. Preheat broiler

2. Spread 1 c+ pimento cheese, top with crispy bacon pieces

3. Broil 2-3 minutes, until melted & golden

4. Enjoy with or without fresh spinach topping


Note: use high quality cheddar cheeses